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In this video Sir Ken Robinson outlines some of the challenges we are faced with in the current education system and why we need a new paradigm in education.

A poetic take on our future and the current state of education… just because.

WHAT WE KNOW FOR SURE (…at the moment)

We have to re-think the very construct of human learning and development. We know that sitting in a box being “taught” things is not going to create the kinds of minds we need in the future. This new paradigm & methodology must be fundamentally different, built from the ground up, ensuring we continue to thrive! We think that building a new way of learning that is built on these pillars is a good starting point.


We need to develop humans as a wholistic beings the body, mind, spirit, and not just the academic part of our minds. We need to give our future leaders the ability to truly collaborate, see the value in our differences, and have a very real grasp on elements  of themselves like thier emotional intellgence.

Individually Focused

We have the technology and capabilities to cater our curriculum to different learning styles, optimized for the individual’s mental, physical and emotional development level and even their mood or even their aptitude for a subject or field.

BLENDED Approach

We must use technology to accent transofmational and experiantal learning without relying on it to do the work for us. There is more than enough documented studies out there to know that the human mind and body develop best through doing and interacting.

Agile Framework

This new paradigm and platform must be agile enough to pivot and adjust to the ever changing world and be able to be optimized and improved in a rapid timeline so that we can continually improve upon it and it’s effectivity.

Outcomes Based

We need to be forward thinking enough to re-design our educational construct so that it is outcomes based. Considering what kinds of thinkers and doers we are going to need in the next 20 – 100 years and how they will need to work together better than we ever could to solve the big problems of tomorrow.  We need to find a way to build a tool and a methodology that will support the great minds of the future in a world we cannot yet imagine.

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